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Creating Temporary Projects in Visual Studio 2005

I read about creating temporary project in Visual Studio some time ago and kind of forgot about it. Few days ago, I needed to create a temp project for trying out something really quick.

There is a setting in Visual Studio that lets you create projects in temp directory and not save all the directory structure in to your main folder structure.

Follow these steps in Visual Studio 2005

Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions ->

and uncheck “save new projects when created” check box.

Good Luck…


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Starting Visual Studio 2005 Development Server at a specific port

  1. Want to Start Visual Studio 2005 Development Server at a specific port everytime? Or use IIS for a Web Application?
  2. And want to set what debuggers to attach (ASP.NET, SQL Server, Native Code)?

Check the below images for options under Web project properties..

  Visual Studio Dev Server Port Setting

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